Nothing happens without reason. By some circumstances I (Solveiga) found myself far from home in gods awarded  Greek land. I lived in a small province between the mountains, the sea and the olive trees fields. I got acquainted with the culture, people, language, food of a foreign country –  and I loved it all. I found a lot of friends but the longing of the homeland returned me home.

Greek national costume

When I lived in Greece I became accustomed to quality and natural food that I forgot that nature is not so generous everywhere. People who love the Mediterranean diet can’t easily find their favorite beloved products. So and I couldn’t find real olive oil! The oil I was using everyday. Amazing taste and herbs and citrus scent.

After a discussion with my brother (Erikas) I found out that the situation was poor in Ireland too. So the idea to bring real extra virgin olive oil was born. Not only for myself but also for people who care about their health and appreciate their true taste.

Now every year during harvesting we are going back to Greece to visit our friends farmers and to get fresh olive oil. We are involved in olive harvesting and oil pressing processes to guarantee the highest quality.

So now we can enjoy this great product from firsthand!

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